Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Build 52 - Finished hair

This is both of them with finished hair

Build 51 - Top teeth

I then made fimo teeth and stuck them into the mouths with milliput. These are the vampires fangs.

Build 50 - Heads

I finished the hair and used hot glue to stick it onto the head, however before doing this I used spray paint to colour the heads flesh tone. I also ground out a hole from the chins to make a mouth.

Build 49 - Plan the hair

I made the pattern for the hair out of scrap felt to get the right shape before making the final hair.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Build 42 - Final core foam

I finished the core foam by sanding it to shape and gluing it onto the armature with epoxy glue.

Build 41 - Finished shoes

I reattached the foot plates, with the silicone feet onto the armatures, I have not yet permanently glued them down.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Build 40 - Core Foam

This is the morris dancer with her finished shoes on, I have started to bulk her out with core foam which is not flexible, and will make a good chest and pelvis.

Build 39 - Casting the feet

I cast both sets of feet in dragonskin silicone. It takes a few hours to cure, I added oil paint to colour them.

Build 38 - Making the shoe molds

I then cast both sets of shoes in fast cast, I drilled a hole in the bottom for wire to go through to suspend the foot plates in.

Build 37 - Sculpt the shoes

Then I sculpted both pairs of shoes into shape on to of the foot plates.

Build 36 - Start the shoes

I covered the feet in plasticine, making sure the foot plates remained in the correct place.

Build 35 - Complete hands

I attached the finished arms to the armatures