Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Build 34 - Milliput ears

I then copied the plasticine ears with white milliput which stuck itself to the fast cast heads.

Build 33 - Plan Features

I then planned the characters ears in plasticine, so I could replicate them in milliput.

Build 32 - Put hands on armature

I got the hands out of the mold and attached the arms back to the armature.

Build 31 - Cast the Hands

After the skinned layer dried I put the hand and arm armature inside the mold, filled it up with more flesh coloured silicone, and clamped it.

Build 30 - Skinning out the Hands

I skinned each hand mold out with silicone which I had coloured with paint.

Build 29 - Arm Armatures

Then I made the final arms out of 3 twists of 2mm wire, plastic tube, and K+S tubing. I glued the hand armatures I made into a cylindrical brass tube which slots into the K+S at the end of the arm.

Build 28 - Hand Armatures

Next I twisted up lots of hands out of thin wire to be cast inside the molds.

Build 27 - Complete Hand Molds

I then poured fast cast onto the side where the clay had been, the molds are now finished, after I pull out the plasticine and clean them up.

Build 26 - Clay up Vampire's Hand

I then did the same to the vampire's hand which I had made earlier.

Build 25 - Morris Dancers Arm

This is the Morris dancers arm after I peeled the clay off the one side.

Build 24 - Make the Hand Molds

I clayed up the hands like the heads, then poured fast cast onto each side separately. You have to use spray release when pouring fast cast onto fast cast or it will stick.

Build 23 - Chin Mold

This is the chin mold, I poured fast cast into to create a new chin, I will have to repeat this a lot of times to get the right number.

Build 22 - Reproduce the Chins

To reproduce the chins I suspended them in a cup, and poured molding silicone on them to create a 1 part mold.

Build 21 - Complete Heads

The chins came out of the molds and slot onto the top of the skull. I need to make several versions of each chin so I can sculpt different mouth shapes into them.

Build 20 - Make the Chin

Then I put the mold back together and poured in some solid fast cast to make the chin.

Build 19 - Skull

I then took the plasticine chin out of the mold and put the top half of the skull back in the mold.

Build 18 - Pour in Rota-cast

As well as the Vaseline I had to use a cocktail stick to hold the chin in place. I poured in fast cast which creates a hollow shape to get a hollow skull which is light weight. I did this with both the heads.

Build 17 - Making the skull

I cut the chin off the original plasticine head, put Vaseline on it to help it stay in place, and put it back in the mold. This is so I can get the top half of the head separate.

Build 16 - Clean the Molds

I then pulled the plasticine head out of both the molds. The noses got a bit stuck so I used lighter fluid to clean them out.

Build 15 - Silicone mold

After the silicone mold dried I poured a thin layer of fast cast on top of each side so I could clap it together later, as the silicone is soft and cant be clamped.

Build 14 - Sculpt Vampire's Hands

While I was waiting for the silicone to cure I sculpted the vampire's hands out of plasticine.

Build 13 - Molding Silicone

I then poured molding silicone on top of each of the faces. I had to leave this to dry over night, then take the clay off the bottom and pour another layer of silicone on that side to complete the mold.

Build 12 - Mold making

I then clamped strips of plastic around each head and hot glued all around the edges.

Build 11 - Claying up Faces

I then sculpted the morris dancer and built clay up around both of the heads. I put key points in, to make a mold of the faces. 

Build 10 - Sculpting the Vampire's head

I then sculpted the vampires head out of plasticine and put some beads in for eyes.

Build 9

I then glued plastic tubes onto the legs to act as the bones and stop the legs bending in the wrong place.

Build 8

I then cut the neat wire to length, I used 3 twists of 2mm aluminum wire. I put heat shrink on the ends and used epoxy glue to attach smaller K+S tubing to the ends to give the grub screws something to grip onto, rather than the wire, which would get damaged by the grub screws.

Build 7

I then assembled the armature with rough wire to measure the lengths of wire needed for the body parts.

Build 6

I used a grinding wheel to shape the feet plates, then cut K+S to go across them. I drilled holes for tie downs, and also on the K+S to hold wire in the feet. I then brazed everything together, and cut the foot plates in half with a razor saw.

Build 5

Brazed pelvis. Cleaned with citric acid.

Build 4

I then brazed the pelvis and chest pieces together and brazed the nuts on.

Build 3

I drilled holes in the K+S and prepared M3 nuts to be brazed onto them. This is to allow grub screws to be put through the tubing to hold wire inside it.

Build 2

I cut pieces of K+S tubing to fit my armature plans.

The build has begun

I cut chest plates, and foot plates out of a sheet of steel, using a hacksaw and a clamp.